Podcast Advertising

When you have a blog site, or item that you are promoting, it can be restricting to utilize Social network alone. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are wonderful platforms, however the fact is they are all restricted in their group market reach.

How do you widen your reach while developing a various market for yourself? Merely this, Podcast Advertising.

Exactly what is a Podcast and How Can it Help Me?

A Podcast is similar to a radio talk program, other than that it is on the web. Podcasting is done by novices and specialists alike, and every one has a various fan base since every one has a various focus. That indicates by promoting your blog site or item on a numerous various podcasts, you not just reach more individuals, however you are likewise able to specific niche market.

Specific niche Marketing is among the most reliable methods utilized by market leaders. Effective ad campaign utilize not just market numbers, however target market in-sites, material, and focus of product. Podcasters utilize all these tools too to reach a particular audience for their program.

Let’s state for example you have a blog site on Homeschooling. Well, there is a Homeschooling Support Network podcast.

Now, exactly what if you were able to promote your blog site in the type of a business on that podcast? Individuals who listen to podcasts, do check out blog sites, however individuals who check out blog sites, do not always listen to podcasts.

Who Listens To Podcasts?

Simply to provide another example of this, did you understand that although inning accordance with the numbers, blogging, and mostly individual blogging is done and checked out by more females than males; However, podcasting is done by males and females, with the numbers leaning to males.

That is not to state ladies do not podcast, they do, and they are enthusiastic about topics they relay about. That enthusiasm in a talk radio format is exactly what will bring individuals to your page, or motivate them to acquire your item.

What Does A Commercial Cost?

The very best commercials are produced expertly in a studio with expert blending. TELEVISION quality commercials cost countless dollars to produce, radio commercials, hundreds, expert voice overs alone can cost $200 for 10 seconds of copy read.

Exactly what about podcast commercials? Well, you can get a quality podcast business produced for under $100. that holds true with our business partner Feathers Everywhere Productions.

This brand name has actually been around given that 2007 when she began producing voice overs for specialized markets such as Christmas Light Displays and Audio Books. With not just her remarkable skill on the microphone however the capability to bring in other skill as well, she has actually been able to produce high quality commercials, introduction’s and bumpers for not just industrial radio broadcast, however podcast broadcast. Simply pay attention to some examples of her work here:

Podcasts commercials for blog sites begin at simply $50. Your commercial will be produced by Feathers Everywhere Productions, taped with one character voice over, and played in a 6 month rotation on my blog site. Sponsorships of the podcast my blog site can be bought for 1 year at a rate of $120 for the year.

That suggests your commercial will be played not just in the rotation for 6 months, however likewise whenever there is a pertinent program that fits your subject or wanted group. Whatever will be set out in the Sponsorship Agreement.

Exactly what about Other Podcast Shows?

Plumes Everywhere can likewise assist you to ‘go shopping’ your commercial for broadcast on other podcasts. For $100 you will not just get your business produced and transmitted as set out above in a 6 month rotation, however we will work out in your place for your business to be used other podcasts that fit your market and content requirements.

Peter Whittle’s years of experience expertly for conventional radio provides her an edge in settlements. She understands just how much is excessive to spend for a marketing area and what does it cost? is insufficient air play. When the rate is worked out with the podcaster, you just pay them straight and Feathers Everywhere will forward a clear, expert MP3 file to the podcaster to be used their broadcast.

That’s it, you stick with that broadcast as long as you choose, Feathers Everywhere’ work is done. We will not gather royalties, nor will be anticipate other charges to be paid unless you maintain our services once again in the future.

It’s Time!

Reach individuals who require to understand about your blog site or item. Do not put yourself in the social media box – My Blog broadcast has actually produced over 600 listeners alone in simply 3 brief months and the number grows weekly.