How I Won Over My Nervous Savannah Cat

When I first got my Savannah cat, I thought it would be a cuddly little ball of fur with the willingness to accept the affection whenever you choose it. However, my Savannah cat was timid, and it didn’t fit with me at all. At first, it hid from because it was scared of me. Finally, I was able to earn his trust and here is couple of suggestion that will help your cat too.

Savannah cat will be very cautious for the first week in its new home. You should give it more space and don’t try to force contact with the cat. There is high chance that he will approach you first once he becomes comfortable with his environment.

I a good technique I found out was to get a nervous cat to gently wrap a pet in a thick towel in order stop it from scratching you and gently stroke his head also talk to your savhana cat slowly and softly.Make sure to set aside time for this every day to gain his trust.

Did you also know that bribery can also work wonders with a nervous cat? Try offering a natural, healthy treat and if he overcomes then let him eat the treat peacefully and even stroke gently without suffering movements. Eventually, this will lead him to accept you.

My final advice is never to lose patience and always remember that neverous cat is rejecting you, but it has a protective reaction to which it needs to overcome. Finally, if you do this all, then your savannah cat will start accepting you as it’s master and a friend.

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